Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rich Blessing

Yesterday was my grandmother's 88th birthday. I went to visit her and my other grandfather this past weekend in Pratt (even though they did not marry each other, they did go to school together and graduated the same year). After my visit, I realized how fortunate I am that they are both still alive and well and that they are both Christians. My grandfather became a Christian about 20 years ago when my grandmother was still alive. She had broken her ankle and needed him to drive her to church. God really used this circumstance for good because my grandfather stayed for church and not long after, he was baptized. This last Christmas my grandfather gave the prayer for our family lunch. It has been a great experience seeing him grow closer to the Lord. To meet him, you would never guess that he is 87 years old.

My grandmother is also a rich blessing. Even though she has some back problems that are beginning to prevent her from working around her house, she still takes the time to look her best. She has always kept a house that is clean enough to eat off of the floor. She loves to watch college basketball and her mind is still as sharp as ever.

I will miss them both when the Lord calls them home, but I am thankful that I know that I will see them again.


Krista said...

girl....you are gonna make me cry!!

I didn't realize Grandpa's story either! Makes me so happy!!

dksnyder said...

Hey Trish! We haven't gotten to read any of your Random Thoughts in almost a month! We're going through withdrawals here.... :)