Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ten and 1/2 Weeks

Ten and 1/2 weeks and all still is going well. I have not had any more spotting since three weeks ago and I am very happy about that. Right now my biggest concern is not contracting the flu since I am surrounded by so many potential carriers on a daily basis. I don't like to be too paranoid about issues like the flu because typically I do not contract the flu. I figure that I will go ahead and get the flu shots this year (and I think that I am leaning toward getting both of them and trusting God that all will be well).

Thankfully, my weight gain has appeared to be on track. I have only gained about a pound and a half if my scale at home is correct. I find it amazing because I have definitely been eating more since I become pregnant. Of course, before I got pregnant, I was not eating as much since I was still trying to lose some weight. I still need to work on eating more vegetables, but consuming more calcium is getting easier.

My next appointment is on the 20th. The appointment is in the afternoon, and in the morning we are going to have a sonogram done at Choices Medical Clinic (my mother-in-law volunteers at the clinic and has arranged for them to do some training sonograms on me).

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