Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Appt Completed; The Other Rescheduled

Today we were supposed to go to both the OB and to Choices to have a "fun" sonogram done. Yesterday, I received a call from my doctor's office moving our appointment from 1:25 to 4:45 because of an emergency surgery. Then today when we were just walking into the clinic for our appointment, they called to say the doctor had been called away again, so now our appointment is a week from Thursday at 4:45. Hopefully she will not get called away again or there may at least be a PA available to see me. It was funny when the receptionist was rescheduling the appointment. She seemed concerned that it was going to be over a week past the original appointment date. She kept reminding me to give the office a call if I have any complications.

Fortunately, we were able to get in at Choices for our sonogram. The baby did a good job of performing for us at the beginning. The little one was doing quite a few jumps off of the wall that separates the uterus from the bladder. My bladder was quite full by the time we made it back to the room, so some of the images were a little hard to see, so the sonographer had me empty my bladder and the images were much clearer. It was exciting to see the little one's hands and feet and umbilical cord and all the other cool images. The sonographer tried to capture some 4D images, but most of them did not want to cooperate. We did get one that shows a pretty good profile of the baby.

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