Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Quote Monday: Another Cary Grant Movie

To Catch a Thief is not only one of my favorite Cary Grant movies, it is also one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films.  Cary Grant plays a former cat burgler who is forced out of retirement when someone begins stealing jewels in Monte Carlo and the police suspect that he is the one committing the crimes.  He is able to obtain the trust of an insurance adjuster who agrees to help him catch the real thief.  A key member of the cast includes Grace Kelly who I think was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. 

While this movie still contains some of the suspenseful moments that Hitchcock is known for, the movie is often light-hearted and is very enjoyable to watch.  If you have never watched a Hitchcock film before, this is one I would highly recommend beginning with.


One of Grace Kelly's best lines in the movie comes when she swims out the see who Cary Grant is talking to out in the water.

Frances Stevens: Are you sure you were talking about water skis? From where I sat it looked as though you were conjugating some irregular verbs.

Cary Grant invites the insurance adjuster to his house to discuss their plan of action.  The insurance adjuster compliments Grant's housekeeper's cooking and learns a little more than he expected.

H. H. Hughson: The pastries are light as air.
John Robie: Germaine has very sensitive hands and an exceedingly light touch. She strangled a German general - without a sound.

While in the water, Grant is talking to the daughter of a former acquaintance.  The conversations becomes a little heated between the two women.

John Robie: Say something nice to her, Danielle.
Danielle Foussard: She looks a lot older up close.
[John Robie whimpers]
Frances Stevens: To a mere child, anything over twenty might seem old.
Danielle Foussard: A child? Shall we stand in shallower water and discuss that?

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