Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 12 Weeks to Go

I haven't really posted any details about the pregnancy because there really hasn't been any details to post.  All has gone well: no sickness, not much discomfort, every appointment has given us a positive report.  Overall, no real complaints.  We are very thankful that God has blessed us not only with the pregnancy but with a good pregnancy as well.

Being pregnant, I now realize a at least one statement not to say to pregnant women.  I don't recall ever really making comments about whether or not someone is showing, but I now know that the best comment a person can make to a pregnant woman is "You're looking good."  People would comment that I was not really showing, and that was frustrating because I knew that changes were taking place and it made me wonder just how big I appeared to people before I was pregnant.  On the flip-side, I also would not people to talk about how big I am getting either.  Just tell the woman she looks good and that should be enough.

One question that I am getting tired of answering is "How are you feeling?"  Does a pregnant woman ever answer this question truthfully?  Does the person asking really want to hear that I am constipated, tired, emotional, concerned, weary of the question itself?  If I was not feeling well, I likely would not be present for the person to ask the question.  I understand that it is asked with the best of intentions, but I feel like I should just wear a sign that says "I'm feeling fine."

So, all this to say that all is well.  I will try to post updates on a more regular basis as the time of our little one's birth draws closer.

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Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling fine! I've always thought that it would be interesting to do some sort of study on what happens to people emotionally and mentally when they're speaking to a pregnant woman. I feel the same way when I'm pregnant, like I just can't answer that particular question again, but when I'm talking to someone who's pregnant, inevitably, the question comes out of my mouth! I want to show interest, but not ask specific questions, as those get embarrassing and uncomfortable sometimes. Anyway, I think it'd be an interesting study.
Hope you have a great day!