Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 8 Weeks to Go

Wow!  It's the 7th of March already.  The advantage of continuing to teach while pregnant is that time is passing very quickly.  This next week is my breather week because I don't have any major papers to grade.  Research papers come in next Monday, so that is when more grading fun will begin.  I hope to spend this next week completing my lessons plans for the semester so that I will be ready to hand off my class to my back-up sub if the need arises.  Thankfully, my backup is a good friend from WSU, so I know that she will do a great job with my classes.  I am hoping to make it at least two weeks before Lucy's due date.

At our appointment this last Thursday, the doctor said that all is well and Lucy appears to be just the right size.  I can tell that she is getting bigger because there are times when I can't quite lean forward because she has some part of her body shoved under my rib cage.  I wish that I had more time to just sit and watch my stomach when she really gets to moving around, but it usually seems to happen when I am in the middle of an activity that requires my full attention. 

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