Monday, June 21, 2010

Where to Begin

Someone asked me on Facebook if I had given up on my blog.  Not really.  At the end of my pregnancy, I had carpal tunnel in both hands, so typing was not very comfortable.  Then the baby came and we are still adjusting to our new life schedule.  I just laid her down for her first official nap (can one begin doing that at 6 weeks?), so I thought I would take a few minutes to create a post. 

I am trying actually laying her down for a nap because for the last week or so, it seems that Lucy stays up much of the day without really taking any naps.  She sleeps okay at night, but when the evening comes, she often seems confused if she is hungry or tired, so I thought that I would try actually laying her down in her crib for an official nap to see if that will help. 

I don't want to blog just about life with Lucy, but I have to admit that right now, that is what primarily consumes my thoughts.  Hopefully I will have other insights to share as well.

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