Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh for the Doubt of It All

Perhaps one of the most frustrating elements of being a parent are all the doubts I feel about every decision I make regarding Lucy's care.  I know that there will always be doubts, but some of the doubts seem very foolish when I really stop to think about them.

One doubt that I feel silly struggling with is when Lucy needs to take a nap.  I know that she will be cranky if she does not take a nap, but I usually worry that she is sleeping too much or that I am just using the nap as an excuse to do some work around the house instead of spending time with Lucy. 

Another doubt is in relation to feeding Lucy.  We had some difficulties when we tried to breastfeed and instead of calling and getting help, I went ahead and just fed her the breast milk in a bottle.  We have decided for a number of reasons to switch to just giving her formula, so we are currently in the process of making that transition.  I am almost done weaning myself off of pumping, but I keep having doubts about this decision.  I know that making sure she gets enough to eat is the most important part of taking care of her and I know that she will benefit from the breast milk that she did received.  What I did not realize is just how hard it would be to make the final transition. 

As I mentioned before, I know that there will always be doubts no matter how old Lucy is.  I keep reminding my self that we have a healthy, happy little girl and that is the most important part of being a parent. 

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