Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is Anyone Else . . . ?

Is anyone else as obsessive as I am about making sure to get every last drop of lotion, soap, toothpaste, whatever from a bottle that is nearly empty? I have a cabinet full of nearly empty lotion bottles because there is still lotion left at the bottom but the pump will not suck it up anymore. Eventually I will work on combining all the bottles (really there are only about four of them right now), but for now they are just sitting there . . . waiting . . . hoping to one day be completely empty and placed in the recycle bin.


lovemylife said...

I'm not, but my mom is. she's exactly the same as you.
I don't mix them, because I'm always afraid that the different chemical makeups of the different lotions will have some sort of negative reaction, since I never buy the same kind of lotion. I know. it's a wierd thing to think about.
I hope you have a Happy New Year! I assume you'll be watching the OU game in the next few days...I hope they do well! My team totally fell apart at the end of the season. oh, well, it happens, right?
We haven't been geocaching since we were at your house that time, but when we go, we'll give you a call!

paconard said...

That's the other thing I tend to be compulsive about. There is one type of lotion that I like, so the bottles are all the same type of lotion (some are brand name and some are generic, but they are the same basic formula).