Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What to Say?

I feel like I have not had much to say lately, so I decided to take some inspiration from Facebook. Some of my friends have created lists that tell people some little known information about themselves. I don't think that I can come us with a list of 16 items, so I am just going to begin with one.

Most people probably do not know that when I was in high school I wanted to go to college to become a marine biologist. I think my desire came from watching Jacques Cousteau on television. Whales and dolphins were my primary interest. Unfortunately, WSU did not (and still does not) offer a Marine Biology degree. I did not do much research regarding scholarships available at the appropriate universities so I went to WSU with the idea of majoring in biology. It did not take too many biology and chemistry classes to figure out the science was not my strongest area of study. Ironically, I learned that one of my English professors (the one who recommended that I go to grad school) also wanted to be a marine biologist at one time.

I still enjoy watching shows about whales and dolphins. To me, dolphins seem like the dogs of the ocean and whales are some of the most graceful creatures on this earth especially for their size.

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dksnyder said...

OMG! That is what I wanted to be "when I grew up" too! In high school, I checked into going to Texas A&M Galveston b/c they had a Marine Biology program. My inspiration came from our trip to Sea World and I wanted to work with and train the killer whales. They are beautiful and so smart! However, a boating accident instilled an incredible fear of the water for me that squashed the idea of diving in the deep with orcas! And ironically, my first semester of college, I was miserably struggling in Biology I and had to drop it for the lesser strenuous, Life Science! :)