Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blocking Blessings?

Today when I was at the Y, I caught the end of Oprah. She had Suze Orman on and she was talking about how to survive the current economic situation. In the ten minutes that I watched, I heard a couple of interesting comments. One comment came from a guest on the show who apparently is a pastor. Orman was telling the audience that they have to hold on to hope; the guest mentioned that he had never lost hope in his creator but he was wondering when he could regain hope in the government. Her response was that he needs to have hope in himself, and not in the government. I found it sad that apparently hope in God is not enough for this pastor. Perhaps that is why he got into the trouble that he is currently in (I do not know what it is since I missed that part of the show, but he did mention that he and his wife could learn to live pruently once again).

The other interesting comment came from Oprah herself. She said something about blocking our blessings by not having a good attitude about life. Orman was telling people that they should let go of the anger about what they lost and be happy with what they have (which is good advice) and that is when Oprah made her comment about blocking blessings (with negative vibes I guess). It made me wonder, can we really block blessings? We may not recognize the blessings that God is bestowing on us, but can we ever block them?

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