Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Dogs

As I was running through our neighborhood today, I was briefly chased by a ferocious teacup poodle (okay, maybe not so ferocious, but a barker none the less). Owning three dogs who were only that size for about 1 week, little dogs do not bother me, but it does bother me that people do not keep their dogs on a leash. We have done a better job of socializing Ivy, so I typically am not worried about her attacking a dog that comes up to her, but it annoys me that our walks are interrupted because some people chose not to control their dogs.

It is funny, though, to watch the little dogs come running up to us barking their little hearts out. Ivy just stands there and gives them a funny look. I wonder what goes through their little minds.


dksnyder said...

That's one brave or arrogant little dog! When we lived in an apartment our first year married, we would walk our min-pin on a leash through the parking lots. At one building there was ALWAYS a chihuahua that would take off straight towards us, barking, growling, the whole bit, but we never saw it until it was already running at us. Not much difference in size b/t the two dogs, but ours is not timid either and will fight. So the first 2 times, Don and I tried to step in between the two ankle biters or pick our dog up. The last time, we let Davie fight back a little and he nipped the other dog enough to get it to back off. After that, the owners kept the dog in the apartment.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, little dogs that bark are silly and sometimes annoying. Our little dog Abe was one of those, but I loved him completely, even so! Isn't that ridiculous? Even now, I still miss him. He thought he was a high-ranking military officer, and I always thought that the song, "Modern Major General" from Pirates of Penzance" was written just for him. Anyway, it's good that your dogs weren't bothered by the little rascal on your walk, and it shows great training and personality on their part!