Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movie Quote Monday

I am going to try something new where I talk about some of my favorite lines from a specific movie.  The first movie I am going to quote is Undercover Blues (1999) starring Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner.  While this movies isn't necessarily Oscar quality, it is a fun movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon while one is cleaning the house.  I have seen it enough times that I think I can quote most of the movie.

First of all, I love the title because it of the double meaning.  One might think that it is referring to some sort of depression causes by being undercover, but actually the title is referring to the fact that the couple, whose last name is Blue, are secret agents.  It also refers to the fact that even though they are on maternity leave, they are not able to get away from the job.

The chemistry between Quaid and Turner work well in the movie.  They make their characters believable and likable.

Another funny character in the movie is Muerte played by Stanley Tucci.  The sub-plot that involves his character really adds to the humor of the movie and Stanley Tucci does a great job playing the bumbling mugger.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Jane Blue: You took our child into a knife fight?
Jeff Blue: It was a fair fight. Two of them, two of us...

Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: My source at the FBI said they didn't think you were, and I quote, "Bureau material."
Jeff Blue: That's true. I'm more of an end table.
Jane Blue: I always thought of you as a dining room chair.

Lt. Theodore 'Ted' Sawyer: Isn't the baby a little young for dolls?
Jeff Blue: It's for me. It's a post-feminist doll.
Jane Blue: Goes to work with little sneakers on but resents it.

Jane Blue: [while Meurte is floating on a life saver in the ocean] Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?
Muerte: [considers the offer] No, no, I'm fine, thank you.

Jeff Blue: [while Muerte is in a tree in an aligator pit wearing only his shirt and socks] Tell you what, you wait here. I'll go for help.
Muerte: No, no, Blue, don't leave me!
Jeff Blue: Can I get you anything, Morty? Coffee? Tea?
Muerte: Coffee? Tea? No, no, I'm fine. Just get me the hell out of here!
Jeff Blue: Ta-ta.
Muerte: Ta-ta! Good-bye! Thank you! 

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend that you watch it sometime in the near future and let me know what you think.

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