Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Monday: Movie Musings

I realized that I never gave an update on the Masterpiece Classics version of Emma.  I would say that I enjoyed their version of the book very much.  I feel that they gave a more accurate portrayal of Emma than the one seen in the Gwyneth Paltrow version.  The portrayal in the Masterpiece version shows Emma in a more sympathetic light and one can better understand why she feels the need to meddle in the relationships of others like she does.  I also enjoy watching movies where I am not as familiar with the actors because then I am thinking of who the actor is and instead can more easily pretend that he or she is the actually character in the story.

I has mentioned the Laura Linney gave the introduction for the movie.  If you have not watched the John Adams miniseries that HBO did a couple of years ago, I would recommend that you add it to your Netflix queue soon.  It is in seven parts, but they did a great job of portaying Adams' life as well as the growth of the US at the time.  Laura Linney plays Abigal Adams and I feel she gave one of the best performances in the series. 

A final movie recommendation I have is Gran Torino.  Matt and I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago and it was well worth the time spent.  It certainly is not an action film, but the story line moves quickly and they do a good job of really establishing the relationship between Clint Eastwood's character and his neighbors.  Make sure you have a box of kleenex handy because the end of the movie is a real tear-jerker.

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