Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pregnancy Update - 10 Weeks to Go

Next week we will officially be in the single digits as far as weeks are concerned.  Our appointment went well on Tuesday.  The baby's heartrate was right where it should be, and I am only measuring about a week ahead, so I am guessing she is not getting too big.  I saw the PA, and I find it interesting that she actually uses a tape measure to measure my stomach, but the doctor just uses her hands and says all looks about right.

I am grateful that I am still able to get a decent night's sleep.  I typically wake up every couple of hours, but I usually do not have any problems falling back to sleep again.  The main discomfort that I experience at night are the occasional Charlie horse cramps in my calves.  One night I had one in each leg at the same time!  Fortunately, I have had them in the past, so when they began occurring, I at least knew what they were all about.  I try to make sure I drink plenty of water before I go to bed, but they still make their appearance. 

I am still trying to go the the Y at least three times a week, and I have been able to continue bowling without any problems.  I keep wondering if each week at bowling will be my last, but I have yet to have any problems with my balance which is what the doctor said would be the biggest concern.  I don't throw the ball quite as hard as I used to, but otherwise my game has not changed too much.

The baby's room is still a work in progress.  Matt has been diligently working on the trim work for the room and will hopefully be able to get it up this next week.  Our first shower is in a month, so the room should be all ready by then.

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