Friday, June 25, 2010

Is it August 3rd Yet?

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I cannot wait for the election primary to get here so we can see fewer political ads.  Of course, I know that there will still be ads, but at least there will be fewer candidates.   Perhaps the ads would not be so bad if Wink Hartman had not started running ads back at the beginning of the year.  It's pretty obvious which of the candidates has the most money. 

Hartman's latest ad cracks me up.  He talks about how he signed a pledged card to run a clean campaign and to focus only on the issues, yet the ad is doing exactly what he says he is not going to do.  The ad does not focus on what his policies will be; instead it attacks his opponent by making issue of the fact that he did not sign the pledge card.  Also, there is actually another candidate running for the same seat.  Why does he not mention her in the ad?


Tracy said...

Yeah - Steven really hates that ad for exactly the same reason - the hypocriticalness of him saying one thing while doing exactly that! I think he even fired off an email to that campaign headquarters just to say that ad was a farce. (and his latest ad is a full out attack, so apparently he is ignoring the pledge of the previous ad - HA). I'm beginning to not like ANY of the candidates... LOL

paconard said...

I just saw his new attack ad and the one the Pompeo has created in retaliation. We agree that we do not know who we might vote for. Matt says that he does not want to vote for Tihart or Moran because they are the reason we have to see all these ads.