Monday, September 27, 2010

Dirt and Lava Update

I didn't quite get to the pile every day this last week, but I did make some progress.
I forgot to include the picture of these two containers with the picture of the larger pile.  I had originally started placing the dirt and rock in these containers, thinking that they would be big enough (was I ever wrong).  There are holes in the bottom of the containers for drainage, so I decided that I would use them to store the lava rock.  I had to stop working on the big pile in order to clear out one of the containers.  I was surprised at the number of large earthworms I found neat the bottom of the container.

I thought that I would include a picture of my tools.  My gloves are no longer nearly this clean since we had such a good rain on Thursday.  The thumb on one of the gloves had begun to develop a hole, so I think I will be looking for a new pair of gloves (or two).

Here is a picture of the pile on Saturday, September 25th.  I was able to clean out one of the containers and I have started placing just the rock in it.  I think that I will work on the larger pile for a little while before I clean out the other container.

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