Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funny Story

This morning when I put away the peanut butter in the fridge (it is natural peanut butter) I heard a loud hissing noise.  At first I thought that one of the pop bottles was beginning to leak, but the sound was not coming from them.  I picked up the peanut butter and realized that the can of Reddi-Whip was making the noise.  A small hole developed in the side of the can and it was spraying the contents out of the tiny hole.  I put the jar of peanut butter back to block the spray until it was done.  Fortunately, the can was in a tray in the door of the fridge, so the mess was fairly well contained. 

What is funny, is when I first took out the jar of peanut butter, I was wondering if the Reddi-Whip was still any good and if I should throw it away.  I guess God gave me my answer.

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