Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Are We Supposed to Eat?

Is anyone else afraid to put a bite of food in their mouth?  Sometimes the process of trying to find healthy food to eat that will satisfy whatever craving I currently have is enough to send me back to bed and pull the covers over my head with a bag of potato chips in tow.

It seems like most television talk shows have at least one segment where they discuss the types of food people should and should not eat.  One day they tell us to eat more yogurt, but the next day they tell us yogurt may be bad for us because of all the sugar companies put in it.  Some people say we should eat low fat foods, while others tell us that we need to make sure we get enough of the good fats to stay healthy.  Commercial after commercial tells us to eat more whole grains, but if you look on the package of many whole grain products, you will see the sugar listed as the second or third ingredient (added to make the whole grain more palatable).

Some days I just throw in the towel and eat whatever I feel like eating, but then I end up watching a show like The Dr.'s or Dr. Oz and I feel guilty for whatever indulgence I have just taken.  I want to eat healthier, but I sometimes wish they would place less emphasis on what we should and should not be eating and instead focus on the real issue: self-control.

The push to try and take care of the obesity problem in our country seems to be focused on the wrong issue.  Instead of punishing restaurants and forcing them to serve apple and carrot slices instead of french fries, perhaps they should spend more time education the general public and teaching about self-control.  Isn't that the real issue anyways (in many more areas than just eating I might add)?

So as I sit and ponder what to eat for my mid-afternoon snack, I have to decide which direction I want to follow: healthy or satisfying?  I would like to find more snack options that fit both criteria for me and for our daughter as she grows and begins eating more and more different types of food.  Any suggestions?

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