Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Session

I had my first meeting with my personal trainer today. He seems like a very nice person and I do not think that I will have any problems working with him. I'm looking forward to having a more structured workout plan. I'm an organizer, so my disorganization in this area of my life is frustrating.

Next week I am going to be measured and tested so I can have a baseline to measure my progress. That means I have one week to make some changes so my numbers will look a little better ;o)' Why is it that when we hire someone to specifically help us with an area of our life, we try to make ourselves look better than we are. Sort of like hiring a maid but cleaning house before she (or he) comes to clean.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

LOL - no, no! You want your numbers to look really bad when you begin, so by the end your improvement looks fantastic! :)
(At least that is what I was told about grades when I was in high school - if you start out with high A's, then you have to maintain that all year, instead of showing "amazing" improvement!) HA.
(yeah, but I didn't really do that)