Sunday, November 2, 2008

4th Photo

This is a Shelby Series One that was on display at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. This hotel had a huge car collection that was free for people staying at the hotel.

This was our second trip to Vegas. We went during the month of June 2004. It was right after I had graduated with my Master's in English and my youngest sister had graduated with her Bachelor's in Anthropology. Since Matt and I really are not into gambling (I will play the slot machines occasionally), we decided to spend more time seeing the sights. There are quite a few cultural opportunities in Vegas. We went to a Monet exhibit at the Bellagio, and my mom paid for us to go and see the Blue Man Group (Matt was even part of the act).

We're not all the excited to go again. I think that we have had enough of Vegas to satisfy our curiosity for a very long time.

I will tag my sister, Krista.

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