Saturday, November 22, 2008


I just read a story about a man who left his cell phone at a McDonald's and this cell phone had naked pictures of his wife on it. Apparently someone got a hold of his phone and uploaded the pictures on the internet. According to the story, the employees at McDonald's said that they would secure his phone until he arrived, so, since the phone was not secure enough, he is suing McDonald's, the franchise owner, and the store manager for 3 million dollars. The story does not say if the man knows who uploaded the pictures.

My first question to this man would be, if you are foolish enough to keep naked pictures of your wife on your cell phone, then what do you expect? One would think that the man would make sure he always has his cell phone with him. I do not think that he has a legitimate lawsuit. Perhaps McDonald's should receive a hand slap for not properly securing the phone after they said they would, but who knows, the pictures may have been uploaded before the man called the store. Hopefully he and others who hear about the story will learn that one has to be careful in all areas of one's life because one never knows what could happen with that material.

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jen_lancaster said...

I didn't think the grandma who burned herself with the McDonald's coffee had a case either, but didn't she get something out of them in court? If you've got money, you're a target. You'd think if anyone has ever heard anything about pop culture and the latest group of "celebrities" then they would know that naked pictures/videos always get out. Always! Just don't even go there!