Monday, May 23, 2011

We're All Still Here

I was surprised at the amount of news coverage over one man's prediction that the world would end on Saturday.  I was equally surprised at the time and energy that many Christians put into posting verses that state that no one but God knows the time or place of Christ's return.  While I agree with these verses, I don't think that this was the best response to the situation.

How many Christians used this event as an opportunity to talk to others about salvation and being ready for the real judgment day?  I know that I did not.  I will freely admit, not proudly mind you, that this is one area with which I struggle in my walk with the Lord.

How many Christians prayed for the man who made this prediction and the many people who truly believed it would happen?  How many of us are still praying for these people as they deal with the reality that they are here and not in heaven?

My goal is not to pass judgment on anyone's behavior, but just get some feedback on how we should respond when we hear people misrepresenting scripture.  Praise God that He is not hindered by our foolishness and stupidity.

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