Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yard Update

I don't have any current pictures of our yard or my rock/dirt pile to post today since we have been blessed with some much needed rain.  I will try to post some pictures next week.

I have started going through the rock/dirt pile once again, and I hope to stick with it and have it completely gone through by the end of summer.  Our backyard was a mess when we moved in (I wish I had taken pictures of the strange landscaping) and we have not been as committed as we should be to getting it made right.  My plans for this summer are to eliminate the rock/dirt pile, bring in more dirt to fill in holes (if needed), and hopefully put down some sod (I'm so tired of dealing with grass seed).  We also plan to replace the front part of our fence which is standing up only by a prayer and possibly create a barricade around our back deck so that the little ones can go out and play and not fall off.

In the front yard, I have been buying perennials to plant so I will not have to keep replanting each year.  When I post some pictures, you will see the huge planting bed the previous owners left us.  We have done some work to make it more manageable and hopefully after this summer, we will have a nice bed of flowers and plants in front of our house.

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