Friday, May 20, 2011

What's there to Blog about Anyways?

I think I stopped blogging on a regular basis because I felt like I needed to focus my blog on one idea or topic, but I could not decide on what topic to focus.

I consider reading through a list of one hundred classic books and writing up my impressions of each book on the blog, but I worried it would take me too long to read each book (since reading time is limited these days), and I worried about students plagiarizing my ideas since I find students who do this to other people's blogs.

I could blog about raising a little one with one on the way, but I doubt I would have much new insight to share on that topic that the hundreds of other blogs don't already share.

Perhaps I should focus on our adventures in yard management and trying to make something out of the mess the previous owners left behind. 

I want to make my blog meaningful and interesting as well as unique.  I want to use the knowledge I gained from my schooling and teaching as well as life in general.

I'll keep pondering this problem, but I would appreciate any feedback that you all might have.

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