Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Winning the Small Battles

One important parenting lesson that I had read about but forgotten about is to win the small battles now and not let them slip by and potentially turn into bigger battles.

When I first began giving the little one food, I tried to put a bib on her.  As she got a little older, she would pull on the bib, sometimes pulling so hard that it would leave marks on her neck if the Velcro did not give way.  At that time, I decided it just was not worth the hassle to try and get her to keep the bib on, especially since she often did not eat her food all that well. 

Just the other day I realized that we needed to readdress this issue and this time I needed to make sure she left the bib alone.  She has finally started eating more table foods and I want her to wear the bib so we do not have to change clothes after each meal. 

The first time we tried the bib, she put up quite a fuss, but it did not take long for her to leave it alone and just eat.  Since then, she has let me put a bib on her and she leaves it alone while she eats.  This is good since she decided that she like homemade spaghetti and other messy foods.

Fortunately, we were able to win this battle fairly easily.  I figured I would have to put up with more a battle on this issue.  I know that not all battles will be won so quickly, but I hope that I remember to stick to my guns and persevere when the need arises.

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