Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking the Plunge

I've finally decided to meet with a personal trainer at the Y. I enjoy working out, but I know that I can work out more effectively. Here lately, I usually go in and complete the same exercises each time and its getting boring. I talked to the personal trainer coordinator today and a trainer is supposed to contact me in the next couple of days, so hopefully I will begin next week. This is not my favorite type of situation. I enjoy trying new activities, but I usually feel better about doing them if I am with someone else. I hope that the personal trainer is an outgoing person so that the conversation will not become stilted.

My goal is to get stronger physically and try to tone up and lose some weight. Of course, to lose weight, I also need to show more discipline in the way I eat. It frustrates me that I can have good self-discipline in certain areas of my life, but eating is not one of them. I definitely need some accountability in this area, but I do not want to pay to go to Weight Watchers in order to get this accountability. Likewise, my husband is not the best choice because I do not want to get mad at him when he asks me how I am doing (besides, I don't think he would do it anyway for the exact same reason ;o)

Is there anyone else out there who would be interested to being accountability partners on this issue? Knowing that I could encourage someone else struggling with this same issue would be much easier than doing so with a stranger.

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