Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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This last week I watched a couple of great movies. The two movies are drastically different from one another, but I was able to come away from each of them with a new outlook on life and a reminder to of what is really important.

The first movie I watched was Penelope. It is a movie about a young woman who was born with a pig's nose and ears. The movie is rated PG and is one of the most enjoyable movies I have watched in a while. It is a great modern fairy tale. I strongly recommend for any woman to watch (young or old) because the movie contains a strong message of being satisfied with who we are and that true beauty lies beneath the surface. It is also just a feel good romantic story that is fun to watch every once in a while. All of the actors in the movie are a joy to watch.

The other movie we watch was Blood Diamond (I told you they were on the opposite ends of the spectrum). While the story line is intriguing, it was the reminder about how good life is in the United States that really stood out to me. In the movie, men and women are killed and maimed at the whim of the rebels. Children are kidnapped and forced to become young killers through lies and narcotics. It made me realize how silly and selfish I can be to be frustrated to not be able to buy the clothes, furniture, (fill in the blank) that I want when there are millions of people who just want to live in peace not matter what the condition of their house may be. I need to spend more time being grateful and less time worrying about what I don't have.

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