Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yogurt Shop Review

I still have not gone out to take pictures of our yard, and we have not really done much work out there anyways because of the rain, so I thought I would write a review of one of the many new yogurt shops in town. 

I went to Orange Leaf at 21st and Tyler today with my two sisters and the little one.  After a trip to the zoo and lunch at Chipotle's, a frozen treat sounded good.  When we walked into the store, a wall of different flavors of frozen yogurt greeted us; today the store featured flavors like chocolate and peanut butter; green tea and raspberry lemonade; butter pecan and coffee; and banana and raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry (these are the flavors that I can remember).  They group the flavors by complimentary pairs in case someone wants to combine the two flavors. 

I like simple flavors, so I chose the raspberry, blueberry, strawberry combination.  Showing restraint, I did not fill the huge bowl to the top with the yogurt; I think I only filled it about a third full.  Once we selected our yogurt, we found a huge selection of toppings waiting for us.  The selection included many types of fruits, chocolates, candies, and cereals.  I added a few sliced strawberries and some dark chocolate chips. 

The price of the treat depends on the weight of the creation.  Fortunately, mine weighed in at 7 ounces and the cost came in at just over $2.50 with tax.  I felt the price was pretty reasonable and I found the yogurt to be fresh and delicious.  The little one accepted a few bites of the frozen treat, but she was more interested in trying to walk around the store.

Perhaps the only complaint I have about the store is that they do not have any high chairs.  Otherwise, they kept the store clean and neat and a friendly staff works behind the counter.  The music selection surprised me most.  When I heard a Toby Mac song, I figured it was just one song that made it onto a secular play list, but the rest of the music was distinctly Christian as well.

I would definitely recommend stopping by Orange Leaf whenever you have a craving for a sweet frozen treat.

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