Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Love/Hate Relationship with the Internet (or at least our Internet Provider)

Last Friday as I was wondering around on the Internet, I lost my connection.  I just assumed the router needed to be reset, so I waited until my husband came home to take a look at the situation.  We had plans for that evening, so it was rather late before he had a chance to take a look at it.

We found out that our Internet provider had come out and disconnected our service.  My husband had called them earlier in the week to try and get a better deal on our phone and Internet service, but not one word was said about disconnecting our Internet.  Of course, we learned all this on Saturday, and they said that they could not send someone out to take care of the problem until today (Wednesday). (Why is it that they can come out and disconnect service the next day but they cannot reconnect it for several days?)

Today, my husband called the provider once again to see when they were planning to come out, and the person he talked to today could not find a record of the plan to reconnect our service.  I have an online class that begins next week, so I currently have to go to my parent's house in order to get into my class and get it ready for the students.

Unfortunately, we only have two options for Internet service in our area, and the second option is not always the most reliable.  My parents have the other service, and I have had to reset the modem more than once in the few hours I have been working on the computer.

While it has been nice to not have the distraction of the Internet around the house, I would rather be able to make the choice to not go online by myself and not have it made for me by our Internet provider.

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