Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Exciting Bargains

Months ago I purchased a Groupon for Kid-to-Kid, a local children's clothing resale shop.  I only had until September 9th to spend the Groupon, so today I finally stopped at the store to use it, and I'm happy I did.

When I arrived at the store, I found that they had many clothes on clearance.   At first it appeared that many of the clothes were just 50% off, but then I began to find a number of clothes marked down to 99 cents.  I then made it my mission to only buy the 99 cent items so I could make the most of my Groupon. 

I almost succeeded; I found nine 99 cent items and I picked up three items marked down by 50%.  I bought twelve items for a grand total of a little over $18 (including tax).  Considering that I think I paid $7 for the $15 Groupon and only had to spend a little over 3 more dollars out of pocket, 12 items for around $10 works out pretty well.

All of the items were pants, and they are mostly all for our coming little boy, but it felt good to be able to make such good use of my Groupon.  I don't know how often I will go in to buy clothes from this shop since the regular prices really are not that great, but if a deal like this comes again, I might just take advantage of it.

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