Monday, October 13, 2008

Take a Sick Day??

I'm definitely the sort of person who takes a sick day as a last resort. I've done a little better since I started working at HCC about staying home when I am sick because I have a forty-five minute drive back home from HCC if I do not feel well. Growing up in a family where being sick did not gain one extra attention, I am used to the concept of toughing it out and moving on with life. At times I think I do so because I feel life may stop if I am not present, but other times I think it is because I don't think that I am in that bad of shape.

I did go to work today, but my students did work in the computer lab so I did not have to speak much. For the most part, I feel fine; I just cannot talk very well and my head is still congested. After an hours worth of attempts, I finally got a hold of my doctor's office and made an appointment for tomorrow morning. At least then I will know for sure if I have a sinus infection or if I am just battling a tough virus.

Now, I have to decide if I am going to go to HCC in the afternoon. The student group I am one of the advisors for is having their induction ceremony tomorrow night. I know that the show can go on just fine without me, but what if it doesn't?? ;)

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