Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Am I Watching Survivor?

Good question. Why am I sitting here watching Survivor? I have not really followed this show since the first season, but every once in a while I will watch an episode. The show is a fascinating study in human behavior. I realize that the editing of the show manipulates what the viewer learns about the various contestants, but even the snippets that we are shown gives us a glimpse of how people behave in different circumstances.

As we watched the show tonight, I began to wonder how the lives of the contestants have changed as a result of being on the show. Are they more outgoing? Are they more confident? Are they more willing to try new activities, new foods, new adventures? Would I change if I were ever on a show like Survivor? I don't know that I would want to be on Survivor. I would rather be on The Amazing Race. I prefer shows where people eliminate themselves instead of being eliminated as a result of a popularity contest. I would also love to be able to travel around the world. Of course, I would probably be one of the women who tend to freak out when situations get stressful or if a challenge is a little too tough. They would probably be able to record a lot of tears.

If you were given the opportunity to be on a reality television show, what show would you want to be on?


lovemylife said...

That's funny! I've always wanted to be on the Amazing Race, too! I think that's about the only reality show I'd be on. Although, if I had the training, I'd consider being on one of the reality cooking shows, except that I don't like to follow instructions, which is important on those types of shows.
Are you feeling better?

dksnyder said...

I'd be on Extreme Makeover (not the home edition) so that maybe they would lipo some of this extra baby fat away!!!