Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What would it be like?

As I sit here watching the movie Enchanted, I wonder what it would be like to live in a fairy tale world (or at least the Disney version). Wouldn't it be nice if every once in a while everyone burst out in the same song and danced together with perfect choreography? Perhaps that would solve many of the problems facing the world today.

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lovemylife said...

I often burst into song during the day...if you'd like to join me sometime, come on over! I'm not a great dancer, though I did try to learn how to break dance a few weeks ago. It didn't work out very well.
Most of the songs we sing are from Phantom of the Opera; Third Day; Slugs, Bugs, and Lullabies; or 50's and 60's classics like The Lion Sleeps Tonight or Under the Boardwalk. Creed has really started to like Everybody Hurts by REM, and I do my level best to make sure that the kids don't begin to like Shaggy too much!