Thursday, April 12, 2012

Camouflaging God's Will

I have recently joined a women's Bible study at our church.  We are going through Priscilla Shirer's Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted.  I missed the first week of the lesson, but the second week already had a big impact on me and has me reexamining my life, my habits, and my commitments.

During this week's video lesson, Shirer asks us to think about what we might be doing that is camouflaging what God wants us to really be doing.  Sometimes we make ourselves busy with other work that we think is for God because we want to avoid doing what He wants us to do.

The example she gave was of a friend who was heavily involved in ministry to the homeless but who was actually supposed to be involved in women's ministry.  The friend did not want to follow where God really wanted her to be, so she tried to hide behind a different ministry.  There was certainly nothing wrong with being involved in a homeless ministry, but if the primary reason for doing so is because we want to avoid being obedient to God, then the goodness of the deed no longer matters.

This lesson has me examining my current service at church.  I am currently helping in the nursery, but I wonder if I actually need to move up and work with the older kids.  My reason for helping in the nursery initially was to help Lucy adjust to spending time in there.  She has reached a point where she does just fine, so I can no longer use that as an excuse.  I have experience teaching and experience with working in grade school ministry, so I now wonder if that is where I need to be.

I am also wondering if my part-time job with the college is preventing me from properly ministering to my family.  My pride does not want to let go of the class that I have created, but I also see the unnecessary stress the class is causing right now.   There is also the issue of the income I bring in (such as it is), but God has faithfully provided for us this far, so I cannot let that excuse stand in my way of doing what God wants me to do.

How about you?  What are your camouflages?

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