Monday, April 2, 2012

Regaining Balance

When we added a second dog to the family many years ago, I remember our vet telling us that the work load more than doubles.  The same appears to be true with children.  With the birth of our second child last November, life has been very crazy and is only just now beginning to return to a somewhat normal routine. 

I am still struggling with adapting to the new work load and my expectations for the little one.  He is not at all like his sister, so that has taken some getting used to: 
  • She regularly slept through the night beginning at eight weeks, he has just done so for three days in a row.  
  • She was content to play in the bouncer or exersaucer for extended periods of time, he has a time limit of about thirty minutes.  
  • She rarely wanted to cuddle, he wants to cuddle all the time.  
  • She slept on her back, he wants to sleep on his tummy.
Now that I am getting used to their differences, it is getting a little easier.  Even though I tried not to have expectations of him being like his sister, they apparently were still there underneath the surface.  We are all learning to be more flexible and to just take life each moment that comes our way. 

As we approach his five month birthday, I am realizing just how quickly time is passing by this time around and I have to force myself to stop and enjoy today.  Before I know it, both kids will be going off to school and I will be wondering where the time went. 

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