Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Cost

This weekend at a conference I attended with the college groups I am an adviser for, we watched a clip from the movie Ironed Jawed Angels. The movie covers the women's suffrage movement of the early 1900's. I never knew all the trouble the women encountered trying to gain for all women the right to vote. They were beaten, imprisoned, and faced all types of ridicule. These women were successful and we now have the right to vote. I have put the movie on my Netflix list so I can see the entire movie.

This movie made me think about all the rights that we enjoy that we take for granted. Many of us take for granted the right to vote. The women suffrage movement and the whole civil rights movement experienced much difficulty giving us the right to vote, yet many of us do not give it a second thought to not voting at all. I also thought about the way we take for granted the choice we can make to attend church or not. Many people view going to church as a drudgery. I have often heard born again Christians complain about attending church or express relief or joy over the fact that they do not need to attend on a specific Sunday. How many of us think about the fact that many people died for this choice we have? Do we think about the reason why we can make the choice to attend church or not? Do we appreciate that we can make the choice for which church to attend? Why don't we rejoice over the fact that we can meet together at all since so many people do not have this freedom?

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Tracy said...

(In accordance with your header note - please read the first sentence of this latest post of yours outloud ;) and see how it sounds.)

I like what you have to say, though. You are right, especially here in America, we have become a complacent, self-centered nation. We often take for granted things, like gathering together, that is forbidden and much desired by other cultures.