Monday, September 15, 2008

Look at All the Stubborn People

Yesterday I heard on the news that some of the people who live in the Houston area and decided to stay behind and weather the hurricane are complaining about FEMA. In Wichita, people who live in an area of town that is known to flood if the rain is heavy enough are also complaining that the city has not done enough to prevent the floods from happening. In both of these cases, the people received warning. The people made the choice to stay or to live in a certain area, but now they are expecting the government to take care of their problems.

These events remind me of how many of us want to live our own lives according to our own rules despite God's warnings that the best way to live is according to His plan. We stubbornly stick to our old ways and then when circumstance become unpleasant, we complain that God does not care for us, that He has turned his back on us. We expect God to rush right in and make our lives right again. While He is always present and ready to accept our repentance, He will not take away our problems. Sometimes the solution to our problems will come quickly, but other times He will have us wait so we can grow and learn. Like the government's response to natural disasters, He will come and give us the tools we need to get back on the right path, but we need to be open to receiving these tools and following His direction even if the tools are not the ones we expect. We have to give up our stubbornness and our desire to go our own way and just listen and respond.

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Anonymous said...

That's true! I just read to the kids about Cain and Abel today, and it's the same thing. The instruction was clear - bring a lamb. Abel obeyed, Cain had a better idea. And that better idea took things downhill fast!
I sure enjoy reading your writing!
Hope you have a great day!