Thursday, September 11, 2008

Was It a Scam?

Today I went to have my hair highlighted and cut. When I got to the salon, my stylist told me that she needed to cut another client's hair first. Since I knew my session would take a while, I was not too worried about the delay. An hour later (yikes!), she finished cutting the other customer's hair and told her that the cost would be $45. The lady gasped and told my stylist that last time she only charged her $16. My stylist was so stunned that it took her a while to respond. I was sitting there thinking that there was no way she only charged her $16. A discussion ensued where the lady said that she guessed she would have to pay by credit card and then mentioned that she would not be able to return. My stylist offered to only charge her $30 since the client had short hair which would require her to come in more frequently. The lady's response was that another establishment only charged her $16.

At first, I thought that the lady was genuinely surprised by the cost, but the more I thought about, the cynicism that I have developed listening to my students' excuses kicked in, and I began to wonder if the lady was trying to scam my stylist. My stylist used to work for Wilborn's and she was one of the senior stylists. Since she and another girl have started their own business, she has kept her prices the same as they were at Wilborn's, so I can't imagine that she accidentally only charged the woman $16 previously.

I was a little unhappy and I felt bad for my stylist because I had to wait an hour for this client and then this conflict arose. But all's well that end's well (even though I was at the salon for 4 hours). My stylist did a great job with my hair. I love the colors that she added (I went dark for the fall), and I will try to add a picture in the next couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

that does seem really strange. We hear about strange things that happen, but doesn't it feel odd to actually witness them?