Monday, September 22, 2008

Time with the Father

Last night our small group at church had an extended time in prayer. We devoted two 40 minute segments to personal prayer time. I'm always amazed how easy it is to spend time with God in prayer but how difficult it is to actually schedule this time. Whenever the subject of an extended time in prayer comes up, thoughts of all the other responsibilities pressing for my time immediately try to make their presence known. We had had a busy weekend and I kept thinking about how much I would prefer to stay home last night, but I knew that I needed some time in extended prayer.

God is so patient with me (and all of us). Every time I participate in a time of extended prayer (occasionally our church hosts a four hour prayer time), I am amazed at all the items I did not have an opportunity to pray about. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is always interceding for us, praying for all the issues that we forgot about or are unaware of. I am never sorry that I have spent this time talking to God. I strongly encourage all of God's children to set aside some time every once in a while really focusing on Him and giving Him all our worship and adoration.

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