Monday, July 4, 2011

Budget Update: Month in Review

Well, overall for the month we spent less money, which is great.  I only went over on the grocery budget by a couple of dollars which is far better than the nearly one hundred dollars the month before. 

I used our budgeting software to run a report of our spending for the year up to this date so we could evaluate our budget and decide if we needed to adjust some categories.  Since we consider diapers to be a clothing purchase, we decided to add to this budget category, and since we now have just one dog, we will subtract from the pet expense budget.

We plan to reevaluate some other budget categories like vehicle fuel and dining and snacks in a couple of months to see if we can drop our spending in these areas.

It has really helped me to stay on top of entering our receipts on a regular basis so that I can see how much money we have already spent.  I find the challenge to stick to the budget an exciting one, but it also leads me to not want to spend any money at all if I can help it, even if the money is in the budget for the purchase.

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