Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Weekly Menu

Last week's plan of selecting meals based on the type of meal went so well, that I am going to try it again this week.  I am also trying to get better about planning our side dishes as well.  The only problem is that we eat so few side dishes that it becomes depressing to see the same veggies repeated so often.

We will be going out of town this weekend, so I did not have to plan meals for a couple of days. 

Pancakes and eggs
Toast w/peanut butter and fruit
Muffin and eggs
Yogurt and granola
Dine out x 2

Homemade macaroni and cheese
Hot dogs
Chicken tenders
Dine out x 3

Mexican - enchiladas with Mexican rice (our schedule changed last week and we did not eat this when originally scheduled)
American - BBQ chicken, corn, whole wheat rolls
Italian - spaghetti, green beans, Italian bread
American - chicken and rice, peas
Mexican - tortilla casserole, chips and salsa
Dine out x 2

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