Friday, July 15, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday: Organizing the Little One's Closet

The little one went to spend the day at Grandma's house on Tuesday, so I took that opportunity to reorganize her closet.  Every time I looked into her closet, I knew that I needed to get to work, but I usually only thought about it as she occupied the room.  Also, the best time to tackle such a project would be during her nap time, but of course that would likely interrupt her sleeping. 

Here is a before shot of her closet.  While not in terrible shape, all the miscellaneous items laying around created the appearance of too much clutter.  Also, I wanted to make better use of the space at the top of her closet.

This room will someday soon be the new baby's nursery.  Currently it serves as an office/storage room and a future Tackle it Tuesday project.  The boxes in the middle of the room contain the little one's outgrown clothes and need to find a new home.  Eventually they will either go to someone else's home, or they will go into the attic.
For now, the outgrown clothes currently have a home at the top of the closet.  I cleaned out the baskets on the shelves and made sure they now contain items that we currently use.  I still need to go through the drawers at the bottom of the closet and thin out the extra towels, blankets, and sheets that we do not really need so I can use the drawers to store clothes that the little ones will hopefully wear in the future.

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