Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yard Update: Pretty New Fence

I did not get much work done in the yard this last week, but my husband began working on replacing the most rotten part of our fence.  He worked in the one hundred degree weather this last weekend to tear down and replace the section of fence that was barely standing up and just did not look good to begin with.  I helped a little by holding posts while he poured concrete, but I did not have to do much sweating.
Here is a before shot of the fence.  Notice the way it leans and undulates.

The husband working hard tearing down the fence and removing the metal posts that held the old fence in place.

The mostly completed project.  In a couple of weeks, the husband plans to replace the pickets that face the street.  Some day in the future we would like to work with our neighbors (when we have some) to replace the rest of the fence.

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