Friday, July 22, 2011

Useful Ipod App: Allrecipes (Pro)

One app that I love having on my iPod touch is the Allrecipes app.  A user of the online Allrecipes for a number of years, it excited me to see an app available for their services.  Now I can access all my saved recipes without having to bring the laptop into the kitchen.

Basic Features

The app comes with three basic elements: DinnerSpinnerPro, Recipe Box, and a basic search.

DinnerSpinnerPro give users three options: dish, main ingredient, and ready in (time it takes to cook).  Users then click on the View Matches button and a list of potential recipes appear.  Recipes can be sorted by relevance, rating, title, or popularity.  I personally do not use this function very often, but for adventurous eaters, it would be a very nice feature.

Recipe Box gives users access to all the recipes they have saved.  The Recipe Box sorts recipes by recent, rating, title, and popularity.  Users also have the ability to search the recipe box by entering any or part of the title and the app will show them the closest matches.  I use this feature most often as I have saved a large number of recipes over the years and I appreciate being able to find the ones I want so quickly.

The basic Search feature lets users search either using a quick search where the user enters some words that should appear in the title, or they can use the advance search where they can create filters like specific ingredients the want or do not want or certain dietary restrictions.

Additional Feature

The app also comes with a List feature where users can add items to a shopping list to use at the grocery store.  Users can directly add items to the shopping list from the specific recipes so that they can make sure they buy all the proper ingredients at the store.  I do not use this specific feature because I use a different grocery shopping list app. 

There is not much about this app that I do not like.  I may not use all of the features, but I appreciate the ease with which I can access my recipes.

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