Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 Fifteens: Fifteen Interesting Pieces of Information about our Wedding

Every wedding has its stories; fortunately we did not have any major dramatic events happen at our ceremony.

Fifteen Interesting Pieces of Information about our Wedding
1. My mom made my dress and the bridesmaids dresses
2. We used silk flowers and my maid of honor's mother put the bouquets together
3. Our cake came from Leekers
4. I was married the day before one of my coworkers and we shared the same photographer
5. My uncle, who was getting ready to retire from the Navy, surprised us by coming to town for the wedding
6. A friend from high school showed up during the rehearsal because she had the wrong day for the wedding.  She did not come back for the real deal.
7. I wanted to get married at Christmas time so my aunt and uncle could sing O Holy Night at our wedding
8. Matt wrote a song for me that he played at the wedding (one of his groomsmen did the singing)
9. I was the flower girl at the wedding of the mother of my flower girl
10. We had people throw wheat after the ceremony.  The wheat was part of the last crop harvested by my grandfather before he died.
11. We were engaged for 10 months (Matt proposed on Valentine's Day)
12. We had dated a little over a year before we got engaged
13. We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon
14. When I asked one of my cousins if she would like to be the guest book attendant, she thought I asked her to be the gas pump attendant
15. My mother-in-law almost went into shock when she found out that she would need to walk up the aisle and sit at the front of the auditorium. 

Like I said, we did  not have any major hiccups or problems with our wedding.  The biggest surprise was the arrival of my uncle, but that was a good surprise.  We kept our ceremony simple and I would not trade it for the world.

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