Monday, December 14, 2009

15 Fifteens: Fifteen Wishes for the Future

We have had fifteen blessed years together, and hopefully we will have many more fifteens in our future.

Fifteen Wishes for the Future
1. For many more years together
2. For the safe delivery of our first child
3. For wisdom to know how best to raise our daughter
4. For opportunities to encourage other married couples
5. For continued growth in the Lord individually and together
6. For opportunities to serve the Lord together
7. For continued good health
8. For more opportunities to travel
9. For opportunities to encourage one another
10. For opportunities to build stronger relationships with our extended family
11. For continued employment for Matt
12. For the long life of our parents
13. For the same marital blessings for our sisters
14. For continued friendships with those we have known all these years
15. For the continued blessing of God's presence in our lives

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