Sunday, December 6, 2009

15 Fifteens: Fifteen Television Series We Enjoy

Today's list is similar to yesterday's, but instead of movies, I thought that I would share a list of fifteen of our favorite television series.  We currently do not have cable primarily because of the outrageous cost.  With so many shows available on-line or via DVD, we really do not feel like we are missing much except the occasional football or basketball game that is on ESPN.

15 of Our Favorite Television Series

1. Monk (we actually own each season on DVD)
2. Psych (we appreciate how both Monk and Psych are more like the traditional detective shows of our youth)
3. Burn Notice
4. Fringe (this is a strange show that we began watching last season and now we are hooked)
6. The Mentalist (even if it is basically just Monk and Psych rolled into one series)
7. Frasier
8. The Pretender (we were very sadden when they canceled this series and then never really provide a good conclusion even with the two movies that they made)
10. The Amazing Race
11. Royal Pains (as you can see, we like the shows on the USA Network)
12. 24 (even though we have really only watched the first two seasons)
13. Keeping Up Appearances (a BBC program)
14. Are You Being Served (another BBC program)
15. Scrubs

We tend to enjoy detective shows the most.  Thankfully some of the new shows are moving away from all the blood and gore that shows like CSI seems to enjoy. 

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lovemylife said...

Oh! I love Keeping Up Appearances and Are you Being Served, too! They always make me laugh.