Monday, December 14, 2009

15 Fifteens: Fifteen Ways We Have Been Blessed

God has always been a part of our relationship, and He has blessed us in many ways.  Here is a short list of 15 ways He has blessed our life together.

Fifteen Ways We Have Been Blessed
1. We have a loving, supportive family
2. Our parents have remained married to one another
3. Our families get along well with one another
4. We have not had any major illnesses
5. We have always had employment
6. We have always had a place to live
7. We still have some good friends we have known the entire time since we have been married
8. We belong to a supportive church family
9. We have not had any major injuries
10. We have had the opportunity to go on some trips together
11. We have many of the same interests
12. We have different strengths that complement one another
13. We have always had plenty of food to eat
14. We have had fifteen happy years together

While at times we might have our disagreements, for the most part we have gotten along very well and these fifteen years have gone by very quickly.

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