Monday, December 14, 2009

15 Fifteens: Fifteen People Who Attended Our Wedding

Coming up with a list of 15 fifteens has been a little more difficult that I thought it might be.  Here is list of fifteen people who were at our wedding.  It has been surprising how many people who attend our wedding that have moved away or started attending another church

Fifteen People Who Attended Our Wedding

1. Chuck and Kelly Wilson
2. Jennifer Kruse (Lancaster)
3. Tracy Egdorf (Booker)
4. Richard and DaVonna Kraybill
5. Grady and Janet Landrum
6. Steve Smith
7. Lois Froese
8. Brad Anderson
9.  Kevin Taylor
10. Mark and Mandi Corliss
11. Nicole Callahan (Peterson)
12. David and Rena Hixon
13. Bill and De Paris
14. Lori Riter
15. Kent and Stephanie Thomas

I avoided adding family members to the list since we would obviously still have contact with them.  Only the first seven people on the list are people who attended our wedding who we still have regular face to face contact with.  The remaining people on the list are people who have moved away since our wedding.  I found it interesting to see how many of our co-workers attended our wedding and how many people I had completely forgotten about.  Of course, I do not remember much about the people at our wedding since I was a little preoccupied at the time.

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